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The TAR archive contains the latest JDBC Thin driver (ojdbc6.jar and ojdbc5.jar), Universal Connection Pool (ucp.jar), other companion jars, and README that has more information about the contents.Here’s an example to show you how to connect to Oracle database via a JDBC driver. 1. Download Oracle JDBC Driver. Visit Oracle website to get the Oracle JDBC driver ojdbc6.jar or ojdbc7.jar.

This JDBC Java tutorial describes how to use JDBC API to create, insert into, update, and query tables. You will also learn how to use simple and prepared statements, stored procedures and perform transactions.The interface that every driver class must implement. The Java SQL framework allows for multiple database drivers. Each driver should supply a class that implements the Driver interface.

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  1. Select your driver type : thin, oci, kprb. Oralce provides four types of JDBC driver. Thin Driver, a 100% Java driver for client-side use without an Oracle installation, particularly with applets.In order for Java applications working with a database engine via Java Database Connectivity (JDBC), an appropriate JDBC driver library is required to be available in the application’s classpath.

  2. Unzipped JDBC Driver and Companion JARs The JARs included in the ojdbc8-full.tar.gz are also available as individual downloads in this section. ojdbc8.jar (4,036,257 bytes).The driver should throw an SQLException if it is the right driver to connect to the given URL but has trouble connecting to the database. The java.util.Properties argument can be used to pass arbitrary string tag/value pairs as connection arguments.

  3. Select your driver type : thin, oci, kprb. Oralce provides four types of JDBC driver. Thin Driver, a 100% Java driver for client-side use without an Oracle installation, particularly with applets.Oracle Database JDBC Driver simplefan policy and javadoc .

Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) is an application programming interface (API) for the programming language Java, which defines how a client may access a database. It is a Java-based data access technology used for Java database connectivity. It is part of the Java Standard Edition platform, from Oracle Corporation. The URL used is dependent upon the particular database and JDBC driver.Example to connect to the oracle database in java with examples on Driver, Driver class: The driver class for the oracle database is oracle.jdbc.driver.

Click here to visit Oracle's JDBC driver the main jar file is ojdbc5.jar(for.Multilingual Engine. Oracle Database JDBC Driver & UCP Downloads .

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Beginning in Oracle9i, the Oracle extensions to JDBC are captured in the package oracle.jdbc. This package contains classes and interfaces that specify the Oracle extensions in a manner similar to the way the classes and interfaces in java.sql specify the public.According to Oracle, if your JDBC client and Oracle database server are running on the same machine, you should use the OCI Driver because it is much faster than the Thin Driver (The OCI Driver can use Inter Process Communication – IPC, whereas the Thin Driver can use only network connection).

This page lists JDBC driver , UCP and other necessary jar files for various supported versions Get the Oracle JDBC drivers from the Oracle Maven Repository.The JDBC type 4 driver, also known as the Direct to Database Pure Java Driver, is a database driver implementation that converts JDBC calls directly into a vendor-specific database protocol. Written completely in Java , type 4 drivers are thus platform independent.

In Java 8, the JDBC-ODBC Bridge has been removed. Oracle does not support the JDBC-ODBC Bridge from Java 8. Oracle recommends that you use JDBC drivers provided by the vendor of your database instead of the JDBC-ODBC Bridge.Develop Java applications with Oracle Database. Using JDBC, the Universal Connection Pool (UCP) and the embedded JVM (OJVM) through technical articles, white papers, code samples.